Grow fresh sprouts and sprouts right at home in the kitchen. With a germinating bio-bowl with three floors, it will be completely simple and effective. Plant sprouts and shoots are the most biologically valuable food full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that we need throughout the year. And it will last you for 14 days in the refrigerator, so you can have them available daily.

What To Let Germinate

You can germinate practically anything - legumes, cereals, oilseeds, cruciferous and various other crops. You can enjoy watercress, mung bean sprouts, peas, lentils, chickpeas, beets, mustard, radishes, spelled wheat and various types of grain from your own production. And have you tried the popular young barley? You can use the bowls at any time - the plants germinate in suitable conditions, regardless of the season. When choosing the right, ie chemically untreated seeds, you will achieve organic quality at home, for which you would pay dearly in the store. You can usually buy legume and cereal seeds in stores. Choose according to appearance, preferably in organic quality, so that the seeds are not disturbed and high germination is maintained.

How Does It Work

Fill the bottom of the bowl with selected seeds from about 30% of the area. Then rinse, cover with a lid, place in a dark place and water with water in the morning and evening. Regularly pour out excess water that has already flowed through all floors. After harvesting, rinse the floor of the bowl and you can plant again. It is ideal to sow gradually so that you always have some sprouts ready.


Diameter 20 cm
Height 16 cm

Made of non-hazardous acrylic glass, which is PZH 12282/93 certified

Package contents:

3 germination bowls with a diameter of 20 cm - the ability to grow 3 different types of germ at the same time 1 pc top lid 3 pcs waste siphon 1 collecting bowl for excess water instructions for use

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